martedì 13 luglio 2010

The Post-American World, by F. Zakaria

di Fareed Zakaria
When people in Asia or Africa criticize the West, they are often using arguments that were developed in London, Paris, or New York. Osama Bin Laden's critique of America in a September 2007 video tape - which included references to Noam Chomsky, inequality, the mortgage crisis, and global warming - could have been penned by a left-wing academic at Berkeley.

China needs the American market to sell its goods; the United States needs China to finance its debt - it's globalization's equivalent of the nuclear age's Mutual Assured Destruction.

While the American system is too lax on rigor and memorization - whether in math or poetry - it is much better at developing the critical faculties of the mind, which is what you need to succeed in life. Other educational systems teach you to take tests; the American system teaches you to think.

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